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Services — Carbonate Training List
Whether your requirement is for an in-house short course, a team-building field course or the individual training of a carbonate specialist over periods of two weeks or a month, we can provide the training that meets your needs.

By utilizing our internal and affiliated experts, Carbonate Research Consulting can offer training programs of any length in virtually any global location. Currently all our training programs are offered only on a proprietary basis. Courses can be delivered in-house in any global location subject to suitable equipment and facilities.

For further information on any aspect of petroleum training please contact .

Public Offering

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Course List Description Public Offering
  • Applied Carbonate Stratigraphy
Carbonate Course Request  
  • Carbonate Diagenesis and Reservoir Development
Diagenesis Course Request
  • Carbonate Petrophysics
Petrophysics Course Request  
  • Sequence Stratigraphy
Seq.Strat Course


  • Techniques for Hydrocarbon Detection and Evaluation
Hydrocarbon Course Request
  • Techniques for Porosity-Permeability Estimates in Cuttings and Hand Samples
Porosity-K Course Request

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