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Posted 9/2010
We have New Service:
 Integrated cutting-log analysis service,
See Sample integrated log here
Updated 9/2010
Recent and ongoing CRC work
Saudi Arabia — 
• Core studies of wells in offshore and nonshore areas. This work included facies characterization, regional Composite sequence stratigraphic analyis and environmental interpretation for the Jurassic of the area northwest of Ghawar.
High resolution sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Hith formation
Prove CaSO4 reserves calculations, geologic mapping and core locations for Cretaceous anhydrite deposit in Central Mexico.
Gamma Ray Log Cycle Analysis

.Examining the detailed relationships between the one-dimensional sequence stratigraphic architecture expressed in core against gamma ray cyclcity.

Anhydrite Analysis
.Ongoing research examining the fabrics of anhydrite deposits, their diagenesis and evolution in various systems tracts.




core studies

cutting analysis

diagenetic analysis

facies analysis

high-resolution sequence stratigraphy

geologic support

multidisciplinary studies

outcrop analogue studies

petrographic reservoir analysis

reservoir characterization

stable isotopes

carbonate training

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