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Integrated Cuttings and Log Analysis

Percentage lithology plotted against depth typify standard industry sample strip logs. While useful as a drill site record, logs with such a format have limited value for detailed subsurface interpretations. Now CRC has developed a method of logging cuttings that approximates core descriptions. In particular, our standard logs feature Dunham textures, lithofacies, 1-d cyclicity, photographic documentation of reservoir and source rock characteristics that are integrated with Gamma Ray, Density and Neutron logs.(example). Unlike the costly and discontinuous stratigraphic record provided by most cores, our cutting analysis creates a relatively inexpensive, continuous detailed stratigraphic record. Such logs are fundamental to more accurate stratigraphic and depositional models. They add value by mitigating ambiguity and uncertainty inherent in interpretations based upon remotely sensed petrophysical and seismic data sets such as FMI logs presentations, image logs, electrofacies and seismic attribute mapping..

Integrated Analysis Services and Standard Prices

Standard turn around time for most small jobs with washed cuttings is four days

Number of Samples
Super Rush
99 or less
US $35
US $45
US $55
US $25
US $30
US $40
US $20
US $25
US $45
10,000 or more
US $15
US $20
US 30

Difficult samples - call for a quote ( unwashed, oil-based mud cuttings, excessive lost circulation material for example)

Standard Service includes plots of:

  • Dunham texture classification
  • CRC facies classification
  • Swanson environmental classification
  • Hydrocarbon stain distribution
  • Reservoir / source rock description
  • Remarks
  • Integration with your Gamma Ray, Neutron and Density log data
  • Pdf file of Computer drawn graphic cuttings log

Additional Services

  • Composite Sequence analysis: US $20/1000 feet
  • Photographic record of key features: US $5/1000 feet
  • Sieve cuttings to correct size: US $0.20/sample
  • Wash cuttings: call for quote


Click for here for example of log.

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