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Facies Analysis

Fundamental to all subsurface geologic studies is an analysis of depositional facies. Development of a facies classification scheme is a particular challenging interplay between capturing enough information for environmental interpretation yet remaining simple. Particularly important is the characterization of facies such that their recognition criteria relate to critical environmental threasholds such as sea level, norma wave base, and storm wave base. These physical environmental zones regulate sedimentary textures and biotic assembleges. A good understanding of paleoecology always strengthen the interpretation and such studies should be included as part of all depositional facies studies. Depositional textures in turn affect porosity-permeability in carbonates (Lucia 1995). The vertical and lateral organization of facies is an exercise essential to sequence stratigraphic interpretations. Vertical facies successions are the cornerstone for the subsurface 3-d model and cycle analysis.

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