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Posted 2/2012
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Recent and ongoing CRC work
Abu Dhabi—

Multidisciplinary Habshan reservoir Characterization of Bab Field.


Saudi Arabia —
Partnered with SLB for Fracture analysis within a sequence stratigraphic framework across northern Saudi Arabia 

Gamma Ray Log Cycle Analysis

.Gamma ray logs exhibit a distinctive cyclc profile, but up to now the relationship of the cycity remained elucive. Recently we developed the theory behind the cyclic profile and calibrated it extensively with core data. The insights helped ups drvelope proceedures for sequence stratigraphy. Best custom writing services use our findings for their writing papers.

Anhydrite Analysis
.Ongoing research examining the fabrics of anhydrite deposits, their diagenesis and evolution in various systems tracts. Gamma ray combind with anhydrite cycle anylysis establishes new data on evaporite cycles.




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