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Outcrop Posters

There are a series of links to posters on the stratigraphy of the Jubaila formation presented at the GEO 2000 conference in Bahrain. The 'Slum Poster' document mass wasting on the platform interior seafloor whose declivity was only a few degrees. The 'L.Arab-D Poster' maps the bedding and facies distributions for about 800 meters of a roadcut through the Jubaila Formation. This Formation is stratigraphically correlative with the lower Arab-D reservoir in Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia.

(Note these are large pdf files that will take time to load)

Meyer, F. O., 2000, A carbonate sheet slump from the Jubaila Formation, Saudi Arabia: Slope implications: GeoArabia, v. 5, p. 144-145.

Slump Poster part 1
Slump Poster part 2

Meyer, F. O., G. W. Hughes, and I. A. Al Ghamdi, 2000, Jubaila Formation, Tuwaiq Mountain Escarpment, Saudi Arabia: Window to Lower Arab-D Reservoir Faunal Assemblages and Bedding Geometry: GeoArabia, v. 5, p. 143.

L. Arab-D Poster part 1
L. Arab-D Poster part 2
L. Arab-D Poster part 3
L. Arab-D Poster part 4
L. Arab-D Poster part 5





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