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Publications— Recent Khuff Publications
Khuff, Dalan, and Chia Zairi Formations Forum

Recent Khuff Publications

Al-Dakhil, R., Al-Eid, G., Al-Tawil,A., Davis, R. and Rawasia, S., 2004, High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of Permo-Triassic Khuff Carbonate Reservoirs, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia – A Field-Scale Characterization Study, (Abstract), American Association of Petroleoum Geologists, Annual Meeting, v. , p.

Al-Dakhil, R., Al-Eid, G., Al-Tawil,A., Davis, R. and Rawasia, S., 2004, Using high-resolution sequence stratigraphy for field-scale characterization of Permo-Triassic Khuff carbonate reservoirs, Ghawar field, Saudi Arabia:(Abstract) GOE2004.

Alsharhan, A. S., 2006, Sedimentological character and hydrocarbon parameters of the Middle Permian to Early Triassic Khuff Formation, United Arab Emirates: GeoArabia, v. 11, p. 121-158.

Azzam, I.N., and Meyer, A., 2004, Sedimentological and rock-typing definition of the Khuff Formation of an offshore Abu Dhabi field:(Abstract) Bahrain, Gulf Petrolink. GeoArabia.

Billing, I.M., Vaslet, D., Le Nindre, Y., Abushait, A., Dakhil, R., Kamal, R., Tawil, A., Ytreland, G., and Gray, A, 2004, The interpretive stratigraphy of a regional traverse dip section from the Khuff outcrop belt in central Saudi Arabia to Al-Jawb in Eastern Saudi Arabia: (Abstract) Geo 2004, Bahrain, Gulf Petrolink.

Clerke, Edward A, 2004, Log responses, anhydrite detection and reservoir property implications in the anhydritic carbonate of the Khuff Formation: (Abstract) Geo 2004, Bahrain, Gulf Petrolink.

Ehrenberg, S.N., Nadeau, P.H., and Aqrawi, A.A.M., 2005, A regional comparison of Khuff and Arab reservoir potential throughout the Middle East (Extended Abstract): International Petroleum Technology Conference.

Faqira, Mohammad I., Al-Zahrani, Murdy M., Rico, James L., Shokair,, Khalid M. , Zinger, Michael A., Al-Talhah, Nezar A. , Stone, William B., 2004, Structural growth control of the Khuff exploration play in eastern Saudi Arabia: (Abstract) Geo 2004, Bahrain, Gulf Petrolink.

Insalaco, Enzo, Balinire, Catherine, Brousse, Roger, Fraisse, Christian, Gomez, Jean-Paul, Masse, Pierre, and Walgenwitz, Fred A. Zric, 2004, The Khuff (Dalan/Kangan) Formation: from regional models to reservoir simulations:(Abstract) Geo 2004, Bahrain, Gulf Petrolink.

Janahi, Layla A., and Al-Madani, Adel A., 2004, Fractures identification and their contribution to production in khuff-3 Reservoir - a tight deep gas dolomite - in the Bahrain field: (Abstract) Geo 2004, Bahrain, Gulf Petrolink.

Kamal, Rami, Billing, I.M., Abushait, Abduljaleel, Vaslet, Denis, Le Nindre, Yves, Strohmenger, Christian J., Al-Mansoori, Abdulla, and Demaree, Randy, 2004, The Permo-Triassic section at Wadi Bih and Wadi Hagil in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates: (Abstract) Geo 2004, Bahrain, Gulf Petrolink.

Kamal, Rami, Al-Eid, Ghazi, Sellwood, Bruce W., and Clerke, Edward A., 2004, A comparative study of visually estimated mineral composition, X-ray diffraction, and trace element determination from cores across the Khuff-C carbonate in Hawiyah, Ghawar field, Saudi Arabia: (Abstract) Geo 2004, Bahrain, Gulf Petrolink.

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