A Khuff Reservoir Giant Field 3D Geological Model Integrating an Uncertainty Approach

Catherine Bagliniere

Geosciences, TotalFinaElf, Avenue Larribau, 64018 Pau France, phone: 33 5 59 83 40 00, [email protected]

The Khuff carbonate platform was exposed to early and late dolomitisation and anhydrite cementation, leading to difference in reservoir behaviour. The main uncertainties are the linked to the understanding of the diagenetic processes, needed in order to better define the vertical and lateral heterogeneities within the reservoir. A full field 3D geological model of a giant gas field is generated, based on the main heterogeneities of this complex carbonate reservoir. This 3D model building is mainly controlled by both sedimentological and diagenetic detailed and integrated studies. Those studies mainly based on sequence analysis which helps to better define the main reservoir units and to understand and locate the dolomitisation processes, leading to best quality reservoir facies. The sequence analysis on core and logs gives rules to reservoir facies and petrophysics distribution .The 3D petrophysical modelling is done from the reservoir facies repartition, which are described in terms of environmental deposits and reservoir characteristics. An uncertainty quantified approach is held all along the process of reservoir characterisation and 3D petrophysical modelling

AAPG/SEPM: Approaches and Measurement of Uncertainty in Reservoir Modeling - Reservoir Characterization AAPG Annual Meeting 2003: Energy - Our Monumental Task Technical Program